I haven’t posted an image for my 52 week project in nearly three months. It is time to refocus my energy here and complete the assignment. I actually have been shooting quite a bit over that time period but you wouldn’t know it based on what has been posted on my blog.

My subject for this week is an artist on Mill Avenue that goes by the name of Caleb who lives in Phoenix. He mixes dance music, plays the keyboard and sings. His sound is very elaborate and it is quite impressive to hear what he can do with all the equipment that is around him. Here is his setup on the street:


Caleb performing, I intentionally composed this shot off angle to get the equipment and Caleb in the frame.


When I first walked up to Caleb he had just finished playing and was going to take a break. I mentioned to him the 52 week project that I was working on and he was cool enough to resume playing so I could take these pictures. This is my favorite shot of the set and is my Week 12 submission:


Thanks to Caleb for taking the time for me to get these shots. He was a great guy and very talented, I suggest you stop by and check out his music he mentioned he is on Mill Avenue twice a month.





My friend Fernando and I were looking for a place to take some pictures last week and lately I have seen a lot of pictures taken out at Freestone Park in Gilbert, AZ. We decided to go over and check it out and here are a couple images from the shoot at sundown. I like the way this turned out, especially with the father and daughter on top of the hill.


This next picture was my favorite of the evening. It is simple but I really like the blue and orange sky with the trees silhouetted in front. I am thinking a little post work in Photoshop and this might make a good print.


Freestone Park was full of photographers when we were there and it is definitely a very popular place to shoot. I know I will be heading back here soon to try some other things out.